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A5 Handmade Notebook with Autumnal Floral Design

A5 Handmade Notebook with Autumnal Floral Design

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This handcrafted Autumnal Floral Notebook has been created in collaboration with KreativWerkstatt24 for the Herbstgarten collection.

With 40 pages of high-quality 100gsm paper, this versatile gem transforms into a canvas for your thoughts, dreams, and inspirations. More than a mere notebook, it's a portal to the enchanting world of autumn blooms.

Why It's a Must-Have:

🍂 Paper Perfection: Each page, luxuriously thick at 100gsm, eagerly awaits your pen's ink, pencil's graphite, or brush's touch.

🍂 Autumnal Elegance: Adorned with exquisite floral designs reminiscent of fall's rich palette, this notebook infuses your words with the spirit of the season.

🍂 Your Choice, Your Vibe: Inside, you'll find your ideal fit: dotted, lined, squared, or blank pages. Tailor the interior to your creative whims.

🍂 Handcrafted Charm: Bound by hand with meticulous care, every stitch exudes the warmth of artisanal craftsmanship and design.

🍂 Your Creative Haven: Whether sketching, journaling, or planning, this notebook adapts to your imagination, becoming a repository for your musings and aspirations.

Ready to immerse yourself in the hues of autumn and creative expression? Embrace the Handcrafted Autumn Floral Notebook – a fusion of nature's elegance and artistic craftsmanship.


At MellowApricotStudio, every creation is a labour of love, designed and illustrated by me. I handcraft each product with love, which makes them truly unique. While minor imperfections may pop up due to their handmade nature, your happiness is our priority. If you ever notice anything major amiss, please reach out. I'm here to ensure your experience with our products is nothing but delightful!
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