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Washi Tape: Spring Meadow

Washi Tape: Spring Meadow

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Go wild decorating with this stunning Spring Meadow washi tape! Each roll comes with 15mm x 10m tape and is sure to spruce up any crafts project with its fresh floral spring pattern.

How to use our Washi Tape?

  • Scrapbooking: Add colorful borders, frames, and accents to your scrapbook pages. Washi tape is easy to tear, so it's perfect for creating custom shapes and designs.

  • Card Making: Create unique and personalized greeting cards by using washi tape for decorative borders, embellishments, and to secure elements in place.

  • Journaling: Use washi tape to mark pages, create tabs, or add decorative elements to your bullet journal or diary. It can also be used to highlight important notes or dates.

  • Gift Wrapping: Add a stylish and personal touch to your gifts by using washi tape to decorate gift wrap, seal envelopes, or make custom gift tags.

  • Home Decor: Use washi tape to decorate and customize items in your home, such as picture frames, vases, furniture, and lampshades. It's a quick and temporary way to update your decor.


Made from rice paper with non-toxic adhesive, our Washi Tape is home compostable after use.

Unleash your creativity and make your DIY dreams come true! 🤩

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